Mission Statement


EMF is an international student exchange organization, designated as an Exchange Visitor Program by the United States Information Agency. EMF's goal is to help young people around the world experience life in another country.

Through international educational and cultural exchange, young people from many nations have the unique, eye-opening experience of being immersed in the family, school and society of a foreign country.

The result is a real recognition of the value of diversity, an appreciation of the unique qualities of other countries and cultures, increased self-esteem and confidence and a better developed ability to recognize opportunities and solve problems with a multi-cultural perspective. The EMF student experience reaches teenagers and young adults at the time when they are shaping their views of the world and making critical, lifelong choices about their continuing education and careers.

Our inbound High School Exchange Program brings high school student from abroad for either a semester or full academic year of study and life in the United States. Each student is matched with a suitable volunteer host family and attends a public or private high school in the area.

Our work/travel program allows international college students to work legally in the United States during their main vacation from school. The program is designed to give American employers the opportunity  to diversify their work force and meet their need for seasonal workers, while offering international students an inside perspective on American  working life.

We offer outbound programs for American high school and college students in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia,  Mexico, Canada and many other countries.


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All photos are actual exchange students, staff or participating host families.

Educational Merit Foundation is a non-profit student exchange organization.
Designated as an exchange-visitor program by the United States Department of State.