EMF Background


The Educational Merit Foundation for Student Exchange, or EMF, is a non-profit educational foundation which was founded in 1991 by its current President, Ms. Marie-Claude Dijoud.

Since its beginning, EMF has been actively involved in working with foreign secondary school students, both individually and in groups. Recently, we have added a work/travel program for foreign college students.

EMF offers both short and long term educational programs, and is authorized by the United States Information Agency to issue form DS-2019 for both high school students and work/travel program participants. This form allows students to apply for a J-1 visa.

EMF is dedicated to the promotion of global understanding through international friendship. In its high school program, EMF links secondary school students with volunteer host families and high schools throughout the United States. With our work/travel program, we do the same between college students and US employers. We believe that the experience of living in a foreign country, learning both its language and culture, changes one's outlook on life for the better. Through its programs, EMF offers students the chance to become "citizens of the world!"

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All photos are actual exchange students, staff or participating host families.

Educational Merit Foundation is a non-profit student exchange organization.
Designated as an exchange-visitor program by the United States Department of State.