Community Coordinators are very important members of the EMF team. They act as a link between the student, host family, school and EMF main office.

EMF coordinators responsibilities include:

bullet Recruiting and screening host families.
bullet Securing a signed school acceptance form for each EMF student from the high school he or she will attend and maintaining regular contact with school official throughout the student stay.
bullet Conducting orientations for host families and students.
bullet Supporting students and host families throughout the program and assisting when needed in problem solving.
bullet Monitoring students and host families on a monthly basis and submitting a monthly progress report to EMF main office.

Are Community Coordinators paid?

Yes, EMF coordinators are compensated to place and supervise students. They receive a placement fee as well as a monthly supervision fee for each student in their cluster.


If you are outgoing, cheerful, positive with a good sense of humor, self motivated and enjoy working with people in general and teens in particular you might enjoy working as an EMF Community Coordinator and become a member of our team. For more information you can either call us our send us an e-mail, fax or letter with your mailing address and phone number.


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