Exchange Students


EMF, working with our overseas partners, has students coming from France,  Germany,Georgia,  South Korea, Thailand and China. They are between the ages of 15 and 18 years, and are carefully screened in their host countries to ensure that they will be able to be successful in an American High School.

Our students will arrive with sufficient pocket money to cover personal expenses, and will have comprehensive health and accident insurance coverage.

EMF students expect to participate as active members of their host family household, as well as to share their own country's culture, history and traditions with their host family, the high school, and community.

Our students speak English well enough to handle their school work. They will arrive in August for the school year or fall semester. We also have students arriving in January for the second semester.

EMF students are monitored on a monthly basis by their local Community Coordinator. These Community Coordinators contact both the student and their host family to complete a monthly progress report. The Coordinator also contacts the student's high school to maintain a check on their academic and social progress.


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